Gloria Ferrer

Gloria Ferrer

Sonoma, California


Gloria Ferrer, respected Carneros winery, has been crafting world-class sparkling wine in Sonoma for nearly four decades. Inspired by the founding Ferrer family’s multi-generational expertise in sparkling winegrowing, Gloria Ferrer is a steadfast champion of quality, land stewardship, and sustainable and ecologically conscious farming practices.

In 2016, Gloria Ferrer was certified by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, an acknowledgement of the winery’s long-standing commitment to the land that has supported and sustained the vines for decades. In recent years, the winery has intensified its focus on sustainable and ecologically conscious farming practices, striving to replenish and protect the area’s natural resources and support the delicate balance within the local ecosystem. Gloria Ferrer is well on its way to obtaining organic certification for its estate vineyards by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), recently completing a 12-month cycle of farming using organic methods, and 24 months without the use of herbicides.

The winery is fully committed to regenerative agriculture—concentrating on replenishing natural resources is top of mind. The team has also employed a system of practices that work together to support the local environment, focusing on:
· The improvement of soil health
· Close management of water and fertilizer usage
· Integration of natural pest management

That commitment can be seen daily in actions ranging from the transition to an electric tractor, composting of grape skins, seeds and stems for redistribution in vineyards, diverse crop plantings within the vineyards, and myriad other actions.

Gloria Ferrer reached another significant milestone towards the winery’s commitment to sustainability by becoming a qualifying member of International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA). As a member, the winery has set a goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and demonstrate ongoing, tangible progress towards reducing emissions. Gloria Ferrer is one of only nine California wineries, and one of the only sparkling wine brands, to achieve membership status, a celebrated accomplish ment.

As the first sparkling winery in Carneros, Gloria Ferrer has been a fierce champion of the Sonoma region and remains proactive in nurturing the land and its vines for generations to come.

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