Oak Ridge Winery

Oak Ridge Winery

Lodi, California


Generational farming is a thing in Lodi— vintners, winemakers and farmers have been contributing to Lodi’s robust wine scene for years. For the Maggio family, farming is a way of life.

Owners and operators of Oak Ridge Winery, the family has been growing winegrapes since 1928. As farmers, preserving the vitality of the land is important not only for their own family, but for all future generations. To ensure this, they farm in accordance with LODI RULES, which signifies a commitment to rigorous, scientifically sound, sustainable winegrowing. It is America’s original sustainable viticultural program, with over 150 farming standard practices.

Each wine that Oak Ridge Winery produces bears the LODI RULES “Certified Green” sustainable winegrowing seal, and in the coming year, several brands will transition to labels made from 100% post-consumer waste, further expanding their green footprint.

Environmental responsibility is a multifaceted undertaking, and with a farmer first mentality, the Maggio family continues to act as stewards of the land, sustainably cultivating nearly 2,500 acres of vineyards in the Lodi appellation.


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