Riboli Family Wines

Riboli Family Wines

Paso Robles, California


The Riboli family believes great things come through hard work, innovation and treating others —both people and the environment—with respect.

They manage their wines sustainably from ground to glass, maintaining certifications from the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance for all 1,800 acres of estate vineyards as well as their Paso Robles winery facility. Fewer than 5% of all California wineries can make this claim. Their 100% solar-powered facility in Paso Robles captures rainwater and treats reclaimed wastewater with bio generators for re-use in vineyard irrigation.

All of the Riboli family’s estate vineyards are cultivated with an eye to continuing the legacy for generations to come. Planting cover crops between vineyards helps reduce erosion, nurture soil health and fertility and supports beneficial insects and other predators that naturally control vineyard pests. Drip irrigation dramatically reduces water use and helps vines achieve their highest quality fruit. The vineyards thrive free of artificial pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers as part of a naturally balanced ecosystem.

The thoughtfully designed winemaking facility in Paso Robles, completed in 2016, draws upon the Riboli family’s decades of winemaking experience as well as state-of-the-art technology to maximize its sustainability. All operations are 100% solar-powered, and a sophisticated wastewater system uses bio generator bacteria to ensure that every gallon of water the winery uses is captured, cleaned without chemical additives, and repurposed. The barrel room’s cooling system harnesses the power of Paso Robles’s famous 50-degree diurnal temperature swings, automatically switching to less energy-intensive fans when temperatures drop each evening. No detail of the building was left unconsidered, from the insulation in the ceilings to the durable, easy-to-clean flooring.

Fourth-generation winemaker Anthony Riboli says, “A multi-generational family business requires sustainability, and we focus on our work environment as well as the natural one. My grandparents taught us to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come.”


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