Symington Family Estates

Symington Family Estates



As a producer of leading Port and wine brands for more than 140 years, Symington Family Estates knows how to think long term.

Symington, owner of leading Port houses Graham’s, Dow’s, Warre’s and Cockburn’s, as well as a portfolio of Douro wines, is committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable winemaking, actively protecting natural ecosystems, limiting carbon emissions and supporting its local communities. It was the first wine producer in Portugal to become a certified B Corp. Its “Mission 25” involves four working groups that are developing sustainability projects in the areas of Viticulture & Biodiversity; Energy, Water & Buildings; Packaging & Waste; and Team & Local Community.

In addition, ongoing efforts include solar panel expansion; a VineScout electrically powered robot capable of monitoring key vineyard parameters; bottle weight reduction strategies and other efforts. Symington is also conducting a multi-year study involving 53 grape varieties to better understand how different varieties perform under different conditions— pertinent in a Douro experiencing climate change in the form of extended heatwaves and consistently lower rainfall.

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